This part of my website is dedicated to my experimental projects. Even though I mostly photograph landscapes, I like all categories of photography – from macro to astronomy. Here you can find photographs stacked from multiple images using different editing software, which significantly changes the final picture. This is the reason why I decided to put them here.

Wasp, summer 2016 I got a suggestion from my friend who is studying biology if I wanted to try to photograph different stages of wasp evolution. He had multiple samples in alcohol so I agreed. I made a homemade studio in my room, shot about 30 photographs using different depths of field, overlayed them in Helicon Focus, then cropped it in PS and put it all together to make the final picture.

Full resolution

Solar eclipse, spring 2015 When I found out that solar eclipse was coming, I knew that I wanted to shoot it. I had an option to borrow an 800mm telescope, sadly I didn’t use it, because I didn’t have a large enough filter. I ended up shooting it with a 200mm teleobjective combined with an x-ray photo which I used as a filter. Individual photos composed into one in PS.

Full resolution

Balanced stones, 2015 In summer 2015 I discovered the art of “Gravity Glue / Balanced stones”. It is all about balancing stones on their tips or other unstable points. I couldn’t believe it until I tried it. It isn’t so hard if you don’t put too many stones on each other. The effect is phenomenal and it’s a good free time activity in the nature 🙂

Here you can see the next level of balancing. This video comes from Michael Grab, a balancer who first showed me that something like that is possible.